Dave Scott Releases Triathlon Training Plans on TrainingPeaks

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 | By Dave Scott
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Today, Ironman icon Dave Scott launched the sale of a full range of triathlon training plans from Sprint and Olympic to Half and Full Distance on TrainingPeaks.

Best known for being the first man to win six Ironman World Championships throughout the 1980s and being the first inductee to the Ironman Hall of Fame, Scott, who is now based in Boulder, Colorado, has been coaching athletes since 1974. By Scott’s own account, he has watched triathlon boom since the days when he competed against only 108 athletes in the 1980 Ironman World Championship (today, over 1800 will qualify and compete at Kona).

With the explosion of the sport also came the rising adoption of online training programs. Up until recently, Scott has preferred the more traditional coaching methods of sport camps, one-on-one training of amateur and professional athletes, and clinics— in particular as the national coach of Team in Training. However, as Scott said, “I have seen the TrainingPeaks model grow in popularity over the years, and lots of great coaches have adopted the product. I had some great training programs, but I needed the right platform. To me, TrainingPeaks is simply the best platform to launch and deliver my programs to athletes of all levels, everywhere.”

Age group athletes will be able to access Scott’s training methodologies online at TrainingPeaks.com, where plans sell at prices from $99 to $199. Plans include video training tips from Scott as well. Athletes who purchase and download the training plans also get access to TrainingPeaks’ free training log and world-class analytics tools such as Training Stress Score. Using TrainingPeaks, they will have the ability to get their daily workouts from Scott on their iPhone or Android, upload their data from over 90 different training devices, and track their fitness and progress over time.

TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel says, “Dave Scott is a legend of the sport, and we’re honored he chose TrainingPeaks to communicate his world-class plans. Dave’s got a huge wealth of knowledge that comes from experience as well as his background in exercise physiology, and we have the world’s best performance analysis tools. It’s a powerful combination for any triathlete.”

Check out Dave Scott's triathlon training plans here at TrainingPeaks.

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