How Steep Should the Treadmill be for a Hill Workout?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 | By Hal Higdon
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How Steep Should the Treadmill be for a Hill Workout?

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I would like to do some of my hill training on a treadmill. How steep should the incline be, and what is the ideal distance for each "hill?"


There is no ideal distance, just a variety of distances, as is the case outdoors. I suggest that you set the treadmill at various degrees and see which settings are most comfortable and/or most challenging for you. Seek variety—again like you might encounter on real hills outdoors. Then forget “distance,” the number of miles the treadmill dials say you are running or walking. The treadmill numbers probably are reasonably accurate, but I would set my workout by time rather than distance. For example, you might mimic an interval workout done on a track. If it takes you 2 minutes to run each 400-meter repeat outdoors, pick that time for your hill/interval workout indoors, using the buttons to change speeds and inclines. For example: Run 2:00, walk 2:00, run 2:00, etc. If you are following one of my programs that includes speedwork, and I ask you to run 5 x 400 at 5-K pace, the workout is easily duplicated indoors. In short, experiment.

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