Moving Up In Difficulty

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | By Hal Higdon
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I have completed six marathons now and have not improved much on my times: 4:28 to 4:08. I am now 42 but, motivated to run faster, hoping to: 1) break 4:00 and 2) some day, eventually, qualify for the Boston Marathon. Most recently, I trained using the Intermediate 1 program. Should I make the logical move up to Intermediate 2, or skip a grade and try Advanced 1 with its weekly dose of speedwork?


That’s a good “eventually.” You’re right: Intermediate 2 would be the logical next choice, but with a half dozen marathons completed and being that close to 4:00, you might want to move one step further to Advanced 1. Notice I said “might,” because the decision should be yours, not mine. But let me guide you. Speedwork most definitely will help you improve, although some risk comes with faster training if you are not prepared for it. Have you done speedwork before: either interval training on the track or fartlek and tempo runs in the woods? You might want to sample those kinds of training options before making your decision. My intermediate and advanced programs for shorter distances do contain speedwork, and they are only eight weeks long. Stick your toe in the water, then decide if you want to jump in.

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