Running in the Rain: What to Wear

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | By Hal Higdon
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I am running a half this Sunday, and the weather forecast is 80% chance of rain. I have never done a run in the rain. Should I change what I am going to wear? I sure don't want to run in a rain-suit. I guess I will be wet from sweat anyway.


In 18 weeks of training, it never rained? I guess there has been a drought in the West, or it is possible that you avoided the Polar Vortex in the North by staying indoors and doing your long runs on a treadmill. Not to get on your back, but sometimes bad weather while working out is an advantage, because it helps us deal with different conditions. You need to stay warm, so you do need a layer or two depending on the temperature. Rain will cool you, which can be an advantage, or sometimes a disadvantage if you slow down toward the end, meaning you will get cold. Your salvation, however, comes in a single word: Wicking! If you do not have a race uniform featuring wicking fabrics, you need to head to your nearby running specialty store and ask them what you just asked me. Outfit yourself in some new wicking duds for your race on Sunday. Normally, I would not recommend that runners change anything that close to a race, but you may not have a choice if your previous planned outfit featured a cotton T-shirt from a 5-K race. Not to be a nag, but us runners do need to make our clothing choices well ahead of race day for all weather conditions we might encounter.

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