Warm-up for Big Races

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 | By Hal Higdon
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I am running a 10-K next week. After doing my pre-race warm up, how do I stay warm at the starting line, considering that I need to be lined up at least a half hour before the start? A big race, and it is going to be crowded. I just want to start in a halfway decent position, which means getting to the line too early for comfort.


It's not easy. Standing stationary on the starting line is one way to lose some of the advantages of a good warm-up, particularly on a chilly day when you may or may not be standing there in shorts-and-singlet. Warm weather is no bargain either. One option is to arrive at the starting corral as late as possible, but then you risk being behind a lot of people slower than you. Jogging in place is one option, though not the best substitute for strides out in front of the line as taken by the elites. The other option, I suppose, is to pick smaller races for your PR efforts and enter mass races mostly for the fun of a shared experience.

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