Coach Match Service

Personalized 1 on 1 Coaching

Your certified professional coach will provide detailed training guidance based on your exact goals and designed just for you. TrainingPeaks will connect you with a coach that you can trust and get you started on your path to success.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All coaches have demonstrated their expertise in triathlon, cycling or running. They are hand selected, trained, and certified by TrainingPeaks. If you aren’t satisfied with your experience within the first 90 days we will match you with a different coach or provide a full refund.

How It Works

Finding the right coach for you starts with a detailed questionnaire, providing important information so we can find you the best coach. Then we connect your TrainingPeaks account with your coach so they have fast access to start planning. Finally, your coach contacts you and training begins!


Silver Gold
Money Back Guarantee?
TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition
Start-up Interview Consultation
Goal Planning
Individualized Plan Tailored to your Needs
Communication Frequency One phone call per month
plus 1 email per week
Unlimited phone and email
with 24hr response time
Training Schedules Posted Monthly Weekly
Training Schedule Updates Once per month Up to four times per month
HR/Power/GPS File Review Weekly Unlimited
Pricing $169/month
plus $99 start-up fee
plus $99 start-up fee

Features Explained

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your coach in the first 90 days, we will match you with another coach or refund your money.

Premium Athlete Edition

Premium Edition includes access to workout charts, data file analysis, advanced metrics, and more, a $19.95/month value. Learn More.

Start-Up Interview/Consultation

In preparation to get started, coach and athlete will talk about athlete history, experience, training availability, work and family responsibilities, and more.

Goal Planning

Coach and athlete will work together to write goals for the season.

Individualized plan

Workout schedules will be created for the individual athlete and tailored for their training needs and athletic goals.

Communication Frequency

This determines how often the athlete can contact their coach regarding workout questions or other matters.

Training Schedules Posted:

Workouts made available for athlete to see.

Training Schedule Updates

The coach will make the allotted number of changes to the workout schedule once it has been posted to the athlete’s calendar.

HR/Power/GPS file review

The coach will review and analyze data files on a weekly (Silver) or unlimited (Gold) basis and provide feedback and suggestions as needed.

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