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Whether you want to finish first or finish for the first time, TrainingPeaks will help you meet the challenge. Set your goal, get expert guidance, train smart, and get feedback... all in one integrated web, mobile and desktop solution. Results Start Here.

TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition

  • Your time is valuable. With TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition you’ll train smarter, not just harder. Log your workouts; plan your season; and analyze your heart rate, power, pace and other data. Make analysis-informed training decisions and measure your progress over time using scientific tools like TSS®, the Performance Management Chart, and more. Access TrainingPeaks on iPhone, Android, or the web, and choose between a free Basic or paid Premium option.

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  • Record or upload your workouts from over 100 compatible devices and apps into the web-based Calendar. TrainingPeaks will upload from Garmin, Timex, SRM, CycleOps, Polar, Quarq, Wahoo Fitness, and more. See our full list of compatible devices.

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  • Zero in on your intervals and objectively assess your efforts using the map, graph and charts for each individual workout. As your training progresses, see your fitness trends over time using 30+ charts including Distance by Week, Peak Power, Peak Pace, Time in HR Zones, Power Profiling and more. Target the perfect build and taper towards your “A” event using the Performance Management Chart, and make sure your training zones are always up to date by turning on Threshold Improvement Notifications.

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  • Add Structure with a Training Plan

    Train with purpose. Load a training plan by one of the world’s best coaches into your TrainingPeaks account. Then start the journey towards your goal with confidence that you have a great roadmap. Get your daily workouts via e-mail, take your intervals with you on mobile, and log your training as each day brings you closer to your goal. Available for all events and levels.

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  • Achieve Your Best with a Coach

    Nothing will make you a better athlete like getting a coach. Only personalized attention that accounts for your unique goals, events and life can help you realize your fullest potential. Over 4,500 coaches use TrainingPeaks to deliver their expert guidance, and our free Coach Matching Service will help find the right professional for you. Get started with Coach Matching by completing our questionnaire, or browse our coach directory to find a coach yourself.

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Companion Products

TrainingPeaks Mobile

As athletes we’re always in motion, so we made TrainingPeaks accessible wherever you are with our free mobile app. Take your intervals on the trail or road. Record your workouts on the go. See Dashboard charts including planned vs. completed distance, duration and TSS®. Access your workout libraries to plan your week. Communicate with your coach using post-workout notifications. Share your workouts or your data reports. And more...


WKO4 is more than just software, it’s an analytical engine. Using your unique physiology, you’ll gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses and train with confidence towards achieving your goals. With the flexibility to create custom charts, you can analyze the data that is most important to you. Plus, with free access to the WKO4 Chart Exchange, you can use the same charts developed by top endurance sport coaches.

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Best Bike Split

Best Bike Split is the next evolution of data driven predictive planning. Using advanced math modeling, predict the power needed to reach your goal time, set power targets for optimal training, and create a power based plan for a triathlon or time trial. Best Bike Split leverages data like current fitness, equipment, course conditions, and even weather, for incredible accuracy. For race day, print out a step by step pacing plan and power cheat sheet, or download to your Garmin device for power based navigation. Choose from over 1,000 existing courses or upload your own.

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Device Agent

Our free desktop Device Agent makes it easy to upload workouts from over 90 different devices into your TrainingPeaks Athlete Edition account or WKO+. Download your files to your computer while you’re offline, then bulk upload when you’re online again. Upload multiple files from different devices along with comments for each workout. Compatible with Garmin, SRM, Quarq, Polar and more. If you have a Timex, enjoy using our custom Timex Device Agent. Compatible with PC and Mac.


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