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The best coaches know that a winning season starts with the right team and the right training tools. TrainingPeaks will help you deliver your training schedules, motivate your athletes, and help them achieve their goals.  Results Start Here. 

Read more about how Cross Country and Track Teams are using TrainingPeaks to track, analyze and plan their training.

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Benefits For Coaches


Seamless Athlete Communication

Remove the paper trail.  Create dynamic web-based training schedules for a week, month or a season at a time.  Build workout libraries to quickly drag and drop onto their web-based calendars, and adjust schedules on the fly. All delivered to your athletes via our free web based calendar and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.  Plus, athletes can leverage optional daily workout notifications so they never miss a workout.



Monitor & Analyze Team Progress

Motivate in real-time. Provide instant feedback to your athletes using post-workout comments and analyze workout data including weekly volume, duration, pace and heart rate to get a full picture of their fitness. Over time, our charts and graphs help you to pull out the actionable data from their workouts so you can calibrate your strategy for each athlete.


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"Student-athletes are excited to get feedback on individual performances. TrainingPeaks allows me to personalize workouts and prepare them to perform at their best."
Nick Radkewich Head Cross Country Coach at Endicott College  |   Read how Coach Radkewich uses TrainingPeaks


Features For Your Athletes


Access Schedules On The Go

We know your athletes are always in motion, so we made TrainingPeaks accessible wherever they are with our free mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Plus, they can communicate directly with you and your coaches using post-workout notifications and share their workouts and data reports with teammates.



Upload Workouts & Record Progress

Your athletes can upload their workouts from over 90 compatible devices and mobile apps including, Garmin, Timex, Polar, Wahoo Fitness, and more. Your athletes will train smarter, not just harder. Log workouts; plan their training; and analyze duration, heart rate, pace and other data. Help your athletes make analysis-informed training decisions and measure their progress over time.


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A dedicated Team Specialist is at your fingertips.



"I like TrainingPeaks because I am able to check for the workouts either online or on the mobile app, so I am prepared for practice the next day."  
Helena Scharf, Silver Creek High School Cross Country Athlete   |   Read Helena's Full Q&A

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