Achieve Your Alpine Goals with Uphill Athlete

Steve House achieved historic successes in his career as a mountaineer. Much of the success he attributes to the work he did with his log-time coach, Scott Johnston. In 2014, Steve and Scott published their best-selling book Training for the New Alpinism to share what they learned over a decade of work. 

Now you can tap directly into this knowledge with easy-to-understand, effective training plans. There is no better authority for mountaineering training than Steve House and Scott Johnston.

"Having a focused training plan and working with my coach were the most important factors in my climbing career."
Steve HouseWorld-class climber, guide, and author


What You Get

  • Uphill Athlete training plan powered by TrainingPeaks.
  • Periodized training plans designed to train you for the demands of mountaineering  
  • Combination of aerobic and strength training to maximize the physiological adaptations necessary for success for the beginner and experience athlete 
  • Guidance on planning, nutrition, mental fitness and assessing your goals. 

Uphill Athlete Training Plans

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