1:40:00 Half Marathon Plan Goal: Sub 1h40, 4 session/week

6 weeks training Plan for a 21k sub 1:40:00 - 4 sessions a week - Target are experienced runners who are already running 2 or 3 times a week and have a good running form.

- Training plan is based on Speed (mph or kph)% max HR (Heart Rate) - Long Run include some work at race pace (8mph), including descend to challenge yourself and gove you some extra speed at the end of your race. - Long intervals are done a bit faster than your race pace goal (8-9mph or 95% of max HR), to get you to the next level.

- Each week includes: - Treshold and race pace workouts, with specific work on short and medium intervals. - Tempo and Tempo+ long intervals (around half and marathon pace) - Basic endurance and long run. Longest run is 1h50.

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