10-15hr/week - Intermediate/Finisher - 50-60 mile (80-100K) race plan

This plan is a 12 week training program to peak for a 50-60 mile mountain bike race. This program targets a peak race performance on the 12th and final week of the program. This plan is ideal for the intermediate rider (veteran sport – beginner expert) who can commit 10-15 hours a week to training, and is looking to finish a 50-60 mile mountain bike race feeling good. This program consists of cycling and off the bike strength training. This plan is intended to be followed using heart rate and perceived exertion mainly. A Power meter can be used to view trends in power through each week and month but all of the workouts will revolve around the use of heart rate and bio feedback from overall feel, breathing, heart rate trends, etc. Details on daily intensities are available within each daily workout to help guide you through this program. Finishing a 50-60 mile mountain bike race is achievable but just as hard to accomplish as any other race out there. The goal of this plan is to balance the mix of intensity, racing, and steady rides with rest in order to get you to arrive at a 50-60 mile race in peak form. This plan will focus on a little more force work for a little longer compared to the advanced program. Have questions about which program to choose or need support? Email Mike Schultz at - schultz@highlandtraining.net If you are looking for a more individualized coaching and training plan option, please visit the Highland Training website at - www.highlandtraining.net for more program options.

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