10 day TAPER PLAN for 70.3 and Olympic

Team Sirius - Taper Plan This 10 day Taper is an excellent plan allowing for you all your hard work in training, to pay off effectively in your upcoming 70.3 or Olympic distance race. I recommend this mostly for athletes already training on one of my Ironman, or Half Ironman plans. Many of us like to race during the major build up to our key race. This is a great way to gauge where you are at, and also to gain invaluable racing experience. This plan is based on a Sunday race, but can be adjusted to work for a saturday race. One strong recommendation, if you are on a strength training program, do not do any heavy strength workouts during this week. Instead keep up any mobility exercises and or/ core activation. This plan will have you feeling fit, feisty and fully ready to fire on the big day!

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