10 weeks Half Ironman Triathlon Build phase

This Half Ironman build phase training plan is prepared to provide you with improved strength of your major muscle groups used in triathlon, it will involve more force and muscular endurance sessions, and is a time for eliminating muscle imbalances. This will follow a 4 week cycle of easy, medium, hard and recovery weeks based on hourly volume, with a progresssive reliance on carbohydrate as a fuel, moving into zone 3 tempo workouts during the course of the plan The weekly volume per week will gradually move up to 12-14. You should already be consistently training 8-12 hours per week before starting this plan and ideally you should have completed some Olympic distance races in the past season This plan is based on an annual volume of 500 hours per year, an average of 10 hours per week. It will build to 12+ with recovery weeks at around 8 hours per week. Sound coaching training plans

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