10 Wk Strength & Injury Prevention Plan for runners 5K, 10K, Marathon by Dr Jeff Banas

I made these strength training plans because I am a Sports Chiropractor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who is sick and tired of treating injuries in runners, cyclists and triathletes that likely could have been prevented with some simple strength training. Here is a breif look inside the program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMAGYSg871w&feature=youtu.be For the price of one co-pay, you can gain strength, power, increase your muscualr fatigue resistance and reduce your likelihood of injury. This plan includes Dr. Banas’s resource guide called.. “101 Unique, Cutting Edge, “Non-Run-of-the-Mill” Performance, Fat Loss and Recovery Hacks” This resource guide gives you instant access to every tool that I recommend to my sports medicine patients and the exclusive athletes I personally coach. It’s jam-packed practical things you can use to enhance fat loss, recovery and sports performance. Lack strength or power? Suffering from pain? Do you get injured easily? Are you scrawny or small? Have trouble moving heavy stuff? Looking for that untapped potential? Most runners do not spend enough time doing strength training. This often leads to muscle imbalance, loss of power and a greater chance of getting injured. This program takes you step by step though a progressive strength program specially designed for running. Perfect for an off season or build program. This is also great to develop strength to avoid injuries. In order to gain strength you will start off by doing at least 3 strength sessions a week. You will be doing 3 weeks of muscular enhancement exercises. Then 3 weeks of Foundation Strength exercises to build a solid foundation and core. Then 3 weeks Progressive Strength exercise, where we will be pushing it harder and really making some strength gains. Then we will move into swim specific power exercises. Once you have completed this strength program you can maintain the strength you have gained by cutting back to one strength session a week. We have thrown in some full body, body weight and full body power session along with some metabolic exercises session to boost fat burning. Specific core training and full body recovery sessions are also included. The strength sessions are set up for a reason, you need to progress through them and each session is based on the pervious session. So don't skip ahead This 10 week program includes: A personal phone, or sky or email consultation with Dr Banas (www.DrJeffBanas.com) Cutting edge strength exercises for runners. Detailed Supplement and nutritional protocols for Fat Loss, Hormone Support, Recovery, Race Day and Performance. Recovery supplement and training protocols. Weight loss supplement and nutrition protocols. Race day supplement protocols. Cold thermogenesis protocols to enhance performance, recovery and weight loss. Self assessment function movement screen to uncover muscle imbalances and weakness. Recovery and self myofasical release sessions How Poor Sleep can affect weight loss and performance What artificial sweeteners to avoid Testosterone enhancing supplement protocols How to find, as use, your fat burning zone To learn more about Dr Jeff Banas go to his website at www.BanasSportsTherapy.com For nutrition and training tips go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Jeff-Banas-Sports-Therapy-Fitness-Mesa-AZ/207112579325179?ref=hl Performance, Fat Loss, Nutrition Solutions from Dr. Jeff Banas All training plans include a 50% discount for a personal consultation with Dr. Jeff Banas. This is an opportunity to talk personally with Dr. Banas about your race schedule, fitness or fat lose goals, supplement suggestions, sleep and recovery options, stress, performance bio-hacks and even blood or lab test that may be helpful for you. The normal cost for a 20 min consultation with Dr. Banas is $97.00. However, since you purchased this training plan, you can get a 30 to 45 min consultation with Dr. Banas for on

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