100 Mile Mountain Bike Race: 8-13 hr a week 6.5 month

This 26 week training plan will incrementally build your fitness so you are at your peak fitness for a 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race at the end of the training plan. This training plan can be used with power and/or heart rate training. This training plan is 5 days a week with off days on Monday and Friday. Workouts on Tues-Thurs are shorter and can be done indoors or outdoors. Workouts on the weekends are longer and are preferably done outdoors. The workouts during this training plan are 8-13 hours a week. You will be working on a combination of building your fitness with a variety of types of rides (long, short and intense, mountain bike specific, etc.), and will also work on your pacing and nutrition for a 100 mile race. This training plan has three phases to it: Phase 1: Weeks 1-8 Rides during the week are shorter and more intense. You can do these indoors or outdoors. Rides on the weekend are meant to be outdoors and are focused on fun, moderate-hard rides Phase 2: Weeks 9-16 Rides get longer. During the week they can be done indoors or outdoors, but on the weekend the rides begin to increase rapidly to start prepping you early on with Base miles for the 100 mile race Phase 3: Weeks 17-Race day Rides get more and more specific to what you will encounter at a 100 mile race. You will be given race specific long rides every Saturday that work on combination of fitness, pacing, and nutrition strategy for your race day. The plan focuses on the athlete looking to start training specifically for a 100 mile race. You can add races throughout the plan as needed.

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