100 Mile MTB Race 12 Week Base Plan (Personal Best)

This is a 12 week plan Base plan for a 100 mile MTB race personal record (PR) finish. The plan builds endurance, muscular endurance, speed and power to prepare for the 12 week 100 Mile MTB Race Build plan. Start this plan 24 weeks before your goal race. Then follow the 100 mile Build plan for optimal training for your goal. The volume in this plan assumes that the athlete has experience racing 100 Mile MTB races or a strong level of fitness. This plan does NOT include weight lifting workouts. Each week is between 7 and 14hrs of training. Weekday workouts are 1 hr to 1.5hr. Weekend workouts are 3-5.5hrs each. Plan is designed to start on a Monday with longer workouts on weekends.

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