100 Mile MTB Race 12 Week Build Plan (Personal Best)

This is a 12 week plan build plan for a 100 mile MTB race. The plan includes building power and speed for long distances. Designed to give the fastest posible time for someone that has already completed a 100 mile MTB Race. Start this plan 12 weeks before your goal race. This plan is a great compliment to the 100 Mile Base plan or someone who has a high level of fitness and ready to take on a greater challenge. Along with bike workouts, the plan includes core workouts to build endurance, power, balance and stability. Each week is between 7 and 13hrs of training. Weekday workouts are 1 hr to 1.5hr. Weekend workouts are 2-4.5hrs each. Plan is designed to start on a Monday with longer workouts on weekends.

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