100 Mile Ultra | 50 Miles/Week | Intermediate to Advanced| Peak Plan

This plan is designed to give you only the meat of the training. This is a 14 weeks plan these dives directly into higher mileage training, and still includes a 50K and 50 mile/100km race in the build up. This not a plan to use if you're looking to start from square one. This plan is HR and Pace based and utilizes a flat time estimation of 10:00/ mile. All workouts are HR based and will adjust as your zones are adjusted in each fit test. The strength training in this plan skips the build phase of strength training and goes directly into a 12 week maintenance functional strength program. The strength days are combined with your off days to keep you motivated and doing active recovery on days after big run and races. This is an excellent way to facilitate recovery without taking on the pounding of running! The workouts in this program are designed to be a 1x/ week threshold session to keep your top end intact. This is beneficial from a muscular and aerobic perspective, as it will help you change up muscles groups you're using, as well as creating a new and different challenge to avoid the monotony of daily mileage. The novice athlete should focus on adhering to there HR values listed in this plan. This plan is great for athletes pursuing flat and hilly 100 mile races. Athletes looking for Mountain 100 miler training can contact me directly for a plan as there is significant adjustments that need to be made. This plan does allow for access to me as a coach for questions on specific workouts.

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