106 West Triathlon 18 Week Training Plan

For the last 15 years The Bennetts have coached themselves to 3 Olympics, 2 World Cup series titles, 1 World Championship, 6 World Championship medals, all of the world’s biggest single day prize purse titles and over 100 International victories. There knowledge on how to prepare for major competitions is highlighted in this 106 West Training program.

The 106 West training program is designed around preparing athletes for the rigors of competition at high altitude. The Bennett’s knowledge of training and competing at high altitude is utilized in this program to maximize each athletes performance. The 106 West training program focusses heavily on an athletes overall conditioning and adds strength, speed (VO2 optimization), Specific and most importantly Tapering phases to prepare. The 106 West Training program is more than a training program. The Bennett’s offer advice and teachings along the way to best maximize this program. The 106 West training program is not just a training program it is a well thought out education on how to maximize your training and in turn your racing.

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