12 Month Strength Training Program

Core strength plays a large role in reducing fatigue in long events along with preventing injuries. This plan was specifically developed for cyclists, but can be used by many multisport athletes as well. This plan contains an 11 week strengthening phase (best done in your off season) followed by a 9 month maintenance program.We set this plan up so that it can be done from home using a simple stability ball and dumbbells. When choosing a stability ball, it is important to get the right size. If you can sit on the stability ball with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, then that is the right size for you. When choosing which weight to start with, we suggest starting off with a conservative weight when selecting your dumbbells. You can always raise the weight a few pounds the next week if you don't experience any soreness following a few workouts, but if you injure yourself from lifting too heavy a weight, you'll have to put a hold on the strength training program all together. These workouts will come in building phases much like a training cycle with each phase building on the previous phase. Repetitions, sets, duration, and weight will increase as you go through the phases. At the height of the program, the workouts may take you up to 1.5 hrs to complete (depending on your speed), but this phase will not last as long as the others. For questions on this plan, contact Jason at Jason@thresholdendurance.com *Notes: -If you have a premium account, you can move the days in this plan around in your calendar to fit with your other obligations. -Scroll to the bottom of the plan summary to download the workout guide.

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