12 week 70.3 Half Ironman Triathlon - Specific Preparation leading to race day

This plan assumes that you have completed one of my Base modules and have established your endurance.

While the average training load is 11 hours per week, this plan is challenging because the key workouts are very specific to your needs as a Half Ironman athlete. Where appropriate, I have explained how experienced athletes can beef up the plan a bit.

Strength training is not emphasized but I have placed one strength session per week into the plan. This session falls on Monday in the first 6 weeks of the plan and Wednesday in the second 6 weeks of the plan. Within my own training I would use two session per week until the until the final two weeks of the plan. If you want to place a second strength session then the combo that fits best is Monday/Friday (first 6 weeks) and Wednesday/Sunday (next 4 weeks)

There is an important Half Ironman simulation workout that falls six weeks out from your goal race. You can substitute a B-, or C-, priority event for this race. An Olympic Distance race would be the most appropriate choice. If you are new to Half Ironman racing then, I believe, you will get the most benefit from following my race simulation workout that weekend.

The swimming program is focused on distance freestyle improvement with main set distance capped around 3000 meters (3300 yards). Where appropriate, I have explained how to dial the program up, or down.

The plan is appropriate for athletes racing all distances with weekly volume ranging from 8 to 13 hours per week.

Swim - up to 3,300 yards / 3,000 meters
Bike - up to 40 miles / 65 kilometers
Run - up to 10 miles / 16 kilometers

I hope you enjoy,

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