12 Week Army PT Training Plan

This 12 week Army PT Training Plan goes way beyond just running, rucking, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. You’ll not only get every workout and every exercise for every day spelled out for you with zero guesswork, but you’ll also learn how to integrate all Ben Greenfield’s biohacks, from cold thermogenesis, to hyperthermia, to advanced mobility training and beyond. Once you’re done, you’ll be at a fitness level that will enable you to perform 80+ pushups in 2 minutes, 80+ sit­ups in 2 minutes, run a sub 12­ minute 2­ mile distance, run a 30 minute 5 mile distance, do 20 dead hang pull­ups consecutively, and be able to get close to 2 hrs on a 12­ mile ruck march with 70lbs in your pack. In other words, you’ll not only pass the Army PT test: you’ll blow it out of the water. Enjoy!

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