12 Week Base Training Plan for Cat. 1 & 2 level Cyclists (10hrs-16hrs a week) (Smart Enabled)

This plan is geared at the cyclist with 10-16 hours a week to train or a Cat.1 to 2 level cyclist wanting to build a steady progressive base to prepare them for their peak event season or race season. You can expect to come out of this plan with some consistent mileage in your legs and some work geared at raising your lactate threshold giving you a strong foundation for your season. This plan is geared at setting some good groundwork to start your season with which also gives you a solid foundation to continue to build upon as you progress through the season. **All workouts in this plan are smart capable and can be dowloaded for use on your cycling computer or smart trainer. If you have any questions regarding this plan, please contact Jason at jason@thresholdendurance.com

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