12 Week Complete Off-Season Cycling & Strength Plan (8-12 hours/week for HR & Power + Gym)


It is geared towards Florida cyclists looking to build their on and off-bike fitness in what are traditionally known as the base and build phases of the season on 8-12 hours of rdiding/week. It takes you from the end of your competitive season, through a transition, base, build right to the beginning of your racing season. That will be a perfect time to transition to my race peak and taper program.

It also includes an on-bike fitness test to help you determine your training zones. This plan will help you maintain and build upon the fitness you came into the off-season with and get you ready to start racing strong again when next season starts. Also includes a BONUS maintenance phase to continue after the initial 12 weeks in the gym to maintain the gains made this off-season.

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