12 Week Early Season Prep Training Plan for Category 3-4 Cyclists (Smart Enabled)

This plan is geared at the cyclist with 9-14 hours a week to train or a Cat. 3 to 4 level cyclist wanting to sharpen your aerobic capacity while maintaining what you've already built going into your peak event season or race season. This plan assumes you've already built a good solid base and have done some threshold work (much like prescribed on our base training plans). This plan builds upon the foundation you built during your base period by strengthening your aerobic capacity so you can respond or initiate attacks, maintains the threshold work you've already done so you can be a potent factor in breakaways or time trials, and continue in building some consistent endurance so you don't fade in longer races. Much of the intervals are built into the weekdays to allow for flexibility to replace some of the endurance weekend rides with races if so desired. **All workouts in this plan are smart capable and can be dowloaded for use on your cycling computer or smart trainer. If you have any questions regarding this plan, please contact Jason at jason@thresholdendurance.com

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