12 Week Full Body Detox by Ben Greenfield

This entire 12 week full body detox contains every biohack, tip, trick, exercise, workout, cleanse and detox necessary for you to sculpt an amazing body and breakthrough fitness barriers while at the same time rebooting your entire human machine from head to toe. Designed by America's top personal trainer, author, human performance consultant and biohacker Ben Greenfield, this program is unlike any other detox program in that you *won't* finish looking like a skinny, worn-out marathoner, or fat and out-of-shape, or having lost your muscles or your lung capacity or your passion for movement, sports and exploring the outdoors. Instead, using the techniques Ben has developed - from sauna to rebounding to super-slow lifting to special tea blends and beyond - you'll get everything you need for an entire 12 weeks with zero guesswork. Simply open the day and "check-off" each item written for that specific day. For even more benefit, pair this routine with the supplementation protocol and 90 day meal plan you will find at http://www.DetoxWithBen.com. If you have any difficulties hunting down what you need, email support@bengreenfieldfitness.com.

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