12 Week IRONMAN Basic Training Plan (ALL LEVELS)

If you want to have a real shot at being successful in an IRONMAN, you NEED to have a well thought out plan. This program is designed for all ability levels. The program incorporates KEY workouts and OPTIONAL workouts based on your availability and desire to train. It is a more cost effective alternative to hiring a full time coach. You will have access to a coach during the duration of this program. If ZERO optional workouts are completed, the plan peaks out at about 15 hours per week, where if all optional workouts are competed, you would cap out at about 25 hours per week. The plan comes with description of intensity zones, nutrition recommendations, and fueling recommendations. You will have access to a coach to answer basic questions about the program at any time. If you have questions about this program contact Coach Paul. pduncan1984@gmail.com

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