12 Week Ironman Preparation (12 - 16hrs per week)

THE IRONMAN PREPARATION PHASE (8-12 Weeks) You have either gone through the whole process from Foundation building your skills and technique into Winter building your fitness and holding technique under more pressure and now you’re embarking on the final preparation to your Ironman. Or you may be just tapping into this phase of your training to help you with your final preparation for your ironman. Unlike the sprint or Olympic programme, there is no "polarised training" with the ironman plan, as to work at L3 threshold is quite stressful enough over such increasing distances. The key is: 1) You are not injured 2) Your enthusiasm is high (you have not overdone the training to this point) 3) Technically you are sound 4) You have built adequate fitness to take on the ironman plan There are a number of ways within this plan, in which you can tailor the training to suit you, your lifestyle and your ability. Improved economy + increased training loads + psychological skills = faster & tougher athlete

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