12 week Ironman Training Plan-BASE period with POWER, 11-15 hrs/week

This is a 12 week Ironman BASE Training Plan. Athletes should be able to run at least for 45 minutes, bike for 2 hours, and be able to make the swim cut off time prior to beginning this program. Each week there are three swims, four runs, and three bikes with Mondays being a recovery day. Weekly hours are between 11-15.

The first week of this plan calls for field testing. Athletes will use these tests to set their training zones. You will be able to use this plan with pace or power meter. A second round of field testing will happen in the 9th week of training.

This plan calls for a weekly brick workout on Saturday's and a long run on Sunday's. Longest ride is 6 hours and the longest run is 2.5 hours.

Included with the training plan is a document that defines all the training terms. Happy Training!

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