12 week Ironman Triathlon - Specific Preparation leading to race day

This plan assumes that you have completed one of my Base modules and have established your endurance.

The best way to incorporate this plan into your seaon is to complete one of my 15 week base modules that ends with a Half Ironman race. Then... take 2-3 weeks of lighter training to recover from the race and prepare for the Specific Preparation block.

If you are racing a late season Ironman event then I recommend you phase your year as either: Base/Base/IM Specific Prep; or Base/Half IM Specific Prep/IM Specific Prep. Drop me a line if you want my advice on how best to play it.

Remember that Ironman is a LONG day for everyone. You will see that the key workouts of this block are designed to build your endurance and help teach you what it takes to run well and finish strong.

The core load varies between 11 and 14 hours per week. Rather than dropping weekly volume way down in recovery weeks, I have built in mini-recovery-blocks of 3-5 days duration.

Strength training is not emphasized but I have placed one strength session per week into the plan. This session falls on Wednesday. Within my own training I would use two session per week until the until the final two weeks of the plan. If you want to place a second strength session then the combo that fits best is Wednesday/Sunday.

The swimming program is focused on distance freestyle improvement with main set distance capped around 3200 meters (3500 yards). Where appropriate, I have explained how to dial the program up, or down.

I hope you enjoy,

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