12-Week Mountaineering Training Program

Are you ready to tackle some big peaks? Train for your summit attempts armed with a periodized, consistent plan to make your experience on the mountain so much more rewarding. This 12-week plan is designed for flatlanders and altitude junkies alike. The workout schedule fits both those athletes with full time jobs or those with plenty of time to do all the "extras." It includes detailed instruction of endurance workouts and videos of all strength exercises. If you have a decent base-level of fitness-- meaning, you are at least a recreational hiker, you have some basic rock climbing skills (if your summit attempt calls for it), and you have lifted weights in the last 3 months-- this training plan will work for you. Features of the plan: The weekly training schedule addresses the body's various systems (aerobic, anaerobic, neuromuscular, endocrine, skeletal, etc), so you can train one system of the body while resting another. It includes videos of all strength training exercises. You will do workouts that target your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, improve your posture, and increase your strength, balance, and mobility. What to expect: This 12-week program is broken up into three 4-week phases that gradually build in either volume or intensity, and then decrease to allow for recovery and rebuilding. The program culminates with a "taper" that should align with the start of your trip. What you will need: You will need a pack or vest that you can add weight to, a small weight lifting area, and gear that simulates what you will need for your final mountaineering "project." (i.e. crampons, climbing gear, sled, skis, etc.) Contact me: For questions on the program, feel free to contact me at carrie@peakenergypt.com. Also please feel free to visit my company's website at www.peakenergytraining.com for more training information.

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