12 Week Off-Season Strength Program for Cycling (w/ Bonus Maintenance Phase)

Correct imbalances, improve flexibility, muscular endurance, strength and power with this 3 month program. It will get you ready to race in 3 months and is perfect for the off-season. It comes with an additional 4 week maintenance phase to help you maintain the benefits you gain during the program and can be continued throughout your season. It has been designed specifically for cyclists and includes flexibility, core, stability, strength and power (plyometric) and maintenance exercises as photos, with training plans and workout cards. Designed to improve your cycling performance and prevent overuse injuries, this program will maximize the time you have available to spend in the gym and guarantees results. For all levels of cyclists, but primairly aimed at the serious enthusiast to competitive cyclist. For athletes with at least 1 year of weight training experience. All categories and disciplines.

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