12 Week Olympic Intermediate "Fast Finsher"

12 Week Intermediate Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan This is a 12 Week Intermediate training plan to prepare athletes for the Olympic (International) Distance Triathlon This plan is for the triathlete who has 1-2 years of experience competing in Sprint & Olympic Distances, Has some familiarity with utilizing interval training in their race preparation and has an average of 8-10 hours per week to train. Plan features •All workout times are given in duration for bike & run, and distance for swim •Swims included suggested skill focuses for every practice •Balanced training for endurance, speed & skill in all disciplines •Brick and transition runs are included •Brick Repeat workouts are included Benefits •Plan your training more easily regardless of your pace •Prepare for race paced running off the bike •Get adequate Transition practice for race day confidence •Plan ahead with your job/spouse/friends for long training days

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