12 Week Power Improvement Plan for Intermediate Cyclists (9hrs-12hrs a week) (Smart Enabled)

This plan is geared at the intermediate cyclist who has been training for at least 8 hrs a week on a consistent basis with a light history of interval training, wanting to raise their power output, and with 9-12 hours a week to train. This plan is designed to build efficiency at threshold and in turn improve functional threshold power while also focusing on improving recovery time between anaerobic capacity efforts. You can expect 45 minute to 1.5 hr long rides during the week with 2.5-4hr long rides on the weekends. The majority of intervals will be on the week days with one additional day during the weekend containing intervals in the final 4 week cycle. You should come out of this plan being able to maintain greater power numbers at endurance and tempo paces with better recovery between repeated short and hard efforts. **All workouts in this plan are smart capable and can be dowloaded for use on your cycling computer or smart trainer. If you have any questions regarding this plan, please contact Jason at jason@thresholdendurance.com

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