*12-Week Progressive Indoor Trainer Series (v2.0) Base Period Cycling Plan by FTP & HR


Base Builder Indoor Trainer Series - v2.0

Written by Cody Waite, Endurance Coach, Professional Endurance Athlete and co-owner of Sessions:6 Sport Performance


Our NEW & IMPROVED 12-week (24-sessions) indoor trainer program is now updated with power metrics to be downloaded to apps for use with your Smart Trainer!

We're into our 14th year of hosting our S:6 Winter Trainer Series in Lakewood, Colorado, and now you can easily follow our proven and successful program at home. This plan now also includes a BONUS third weekly trainer session to incorporate some continued quality aerobic strength work for those that are limited to the indoors or really enjoy the benefits of low volume, high quality training regardless of weather or time of day.


The progressive programming begins gradually builds the TSS as you build your fitness. Start with aerobic training and build through the Lactate Threshold, Vo2 Max, Anaerobic Power and Peak Power energy systems over the 12-weeks. There are 2x/week, 75-minute sessions intended to be done mid-week, leaving room for additional endurance riding on the weekends for maximum base building benefits. As a bonus, I've included a third session each week (75-120 minutes) that can be used as a weekend day (indoors or out) to further develop your aerobic strength energy system.

Included with Your Plan:

Included with your plan is a 27-page download with detailed information on the program including equipment needs, training zones (power & HR based), descriptions of each exercise, and descriptions of all 24 training sessions.

Plan Details:

Download HERE


Email Cody directly with questions now or as you go: cody@sessions6.com

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