12 Week "Total Body Fitness" For Men & Women

This fitness plan is designed by trainer and nutritionist Ben Greenfield for the men and women who desire fat loss, clean energy, and a lean healty body, but who have a desk job or career that is primarily sedentary.

The plan is designed to be practical and easy to apply in the workplace or office, but still includes advanced fat-stripping and healthy body techniques from nutritionist Ben Greenfield, including fat burning zone workouts, metabolism booster blasts, interval training, and muscle toning. There are also options for both indoor and outdoor workouts, and for non-weight bearing substitutions for those with knee, foot or hip pain.

This plan is perfect for office workers or corporate employees who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy body, who are still trying to workout each day, and who are also interested in having the energy to be active "weekend warriors". To maximize progress, every 4 weeks there are changes to the overall structure, resistance training workouts, and cardio intervals.

This plan can easily be combined with: "Total Body Nutrition For The Office".

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