12 week training plan to run a 3:30 Marathon

Is your goal to run a marathon in 3:30? If so this plan is for you! This is a 12-week marathon training plan. You may find this article to preview the specific details of the plan by going to www.trainingbible.com and clicking on Free Resources. (more...) In order to reasonably assume that you are capable of running a marathon in 3:30 with proper training it is assumed that you have run other marathons within 20 minutes of this goal time or have run a 10k in the past year in at least 45 minutes or faster or a half marathon in at least 1:39. If that is not the case then you may need to reconsider your goal and purchase a different goal-time plan. This plan is based on 3 weeks of increasing intensity load specific to your marathon goal followed by 4 days of recovery and testing before resuming training for the next 4-week period. Alternative cross-training workouts are suggested for recovery days along with easy run options. Weekly volume varies from 5 hours per week to 8 hours per week. Most weeks are around 7 hours. There is a day off every Monday to allow for recovery and rejuvenation. If you have training questions, you may email coach Scott, siott@trainingbible.com. You should start this plan 12 weeks prior to your marathon. It will guide you day by day to your goal. All you need to do is follow the daily workout schedule. It has worked for many runners over the past 7 years. A

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