12-week Triathlon Base Program--novice swimmer focus

This base plan is designed for the novice triathlete who wants to focus on improving swim technique and endurance, while maintaining a solid bike and run base. To begin this plan, you should be able to swim 20-30 minutes, cycle 90 minutes and run 45 minutes.There are 3-4 swim, 2-3 bike and 2-3 run workouts scheduled each week. There are also strength and core workouts scheduled and at least one complete day off from training each week. The first week’s total training volume is 6 hours & 45 minutes and the plan slowly builds to the maximum volume of 11 hours & 20 minutes in week eleven. The plan follows a 3-weeks “on,” 1-week “off” pattern of work weeks & rest week. Following the first rest week (#4), second rest week (#8) and during week #12 there are time trial effort workouts scheduled to evaluate your fitness levels and with the data, you can set your heart rate zones, power zones and swim pace. If you do not train with a heart rate monitor and or power meter, you can still follow the plan using “Rate of Perceived Exertion” chart (see below for a link). Supporting documents: RPE Chart: http://www.coachbuxton.com/Rating_of_PE.pdf Swim drills: http://www.coachbuxton.com/Drills-FreestyleSwim.pdf

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