12-weeks Cross Country Season Preparation--Novice

This 12-week plan is for novice runners who are preparing for their first high school cross-country season. The plan's weekly running mileage begins with 6 miles (3 run workouts per week) and slowly builds to 14.25 miles (4 run workouts per week) in week #11. Every third week is a reduced run duration and frequency, rest & recovery week. Efforts are based on perceived exertion (see this link: http://www.coachbuxton.com/Rating_of_PE.pdf) and/or HR zones, if training with a heart rate monitor. On the days of non-run workouts, athletes are encouraged to cross-train (cycle, row, deep water run, elliptical, etc) and to take one day completely off from training. It is also recommended that athletes complete 2-3 sessions of the core workouts each week.

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