12 Weeks to a Faster Century (Intermediate): 9-15hrs/wk (Smart Enabled)

This plan is for the intermediate level cyclist with 9 hrs to 16 hrs a week to train, has completed a half or full century in the past 12 months, has already completed some threshold work, and regularly trains 6 hrs to 15 hrs a week. This plan is designed to help the intermediate cyclist looking to improve upon their time for their target century or be competitive in a 100 mile race. This plan focuses on the quality of the riding using interval training geared at raising your threshold and anaerobic capacity paired with strategically placed endurance rides. You can expect intervals during the weekdays focusing on increasing power and recovery at or just below Lactate Threshold as well as building Aerobic Capacity. We'll also be gradually building up the time of the weekend rides as we go through the plan to build up aerobic endurance. This plan is built for those with 1hr-2hrs a day to train on the weekdays and 2.5hrs-5hrs a day to train on the weekends. Before starting the plan, you'll want to make sure you complete the field test in the attached training guide (under plan details) to establish your training zones for this plan. Make sure you are well rested going into the field test and have had a few lighter rides leading into the field test. **All workouts are smart capable and can be dowloaded for use on your cycling computer or smart trainer. For questions on this plan, please contact Jason at jason@thresholdendurance.com

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