12 Weeks to a Sprint

This twelve week training plan will give you the baseline fitness to complete any sprint distance triathlon. Intensity Training Zones Using these training zones will help you train at the right intensity for each session. This helps to develop specific aspects of your fitness, as well as making sure you don't over do it. You can either estimate your intensity using the training zone descriptions, or use a heart-rate monitor for a more accurate measure. If you use a heart-rate monitor, use the percentages provided and subtract them from you observed maximum heart rate to calculate your zones. Tools like power meters and GPS watches will hlep you track your training progress but they're not required for these plans. Z1 Recovery - 60-65% of max. Easy pace. Z2 Steady - 65-75% of max. Fairly easy pace. Should be able to breath just through your nose. Z3 Tempo - 75-80% of max. Fairly hard but sustainable pace. Z4 Race Tempo - 80-90% of max. Hard pace, sustainable but requires focus. Z5 Red Line - 90-100% of max. Very hard, not sustainable for long. For workouts tailored to your specific needs and goals, contact Trifecta Multisport.

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