12 Weeks to a Strong 40k Time Trial

This plan is designed to help a cyclist prepare for a 40k time trial. They can follow this plan by using a power meter, HR monitor, or just a stop watch using perceived exertion. They need Microsoft Word to open the workout descriptions. They should have a good base of fitness and should be able to ride for 2 hours in duration. They will need to be able to ride 6 days a week. Most workouts are 2 hours in duration with a couple workouts of 2.5 hours in duration during the week. 1 workout per week is 30 minutes long and 2 other workouts are 1 to 1.5 hours in duration They will get an increase in Lactate Threshold fitness from this plan. The athlete should consult with their doctor and be sure they are healthy enough to exercise at a high intensity before beginning this plan.

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