12 Weeks to Rifleman Challenge Intermediate and Advanced Fitness Levels

This is a plan for someone preparing for the MVT Rifleman Challenge. The plan is 12 weeks long and will prepare you for many of the challenges at the RC. Your PT will be an important part of qualifying at the RC, which means you'll need both cardiovascular fitness and strength. Each of these components along with some specific RC drills are included in this plan. The plan demands 5-7 hours of your time each week with a little more time on the weekends when I have you doing some solid TABs including the 10 mile "Para" standard in week 10. IF you have more time or if you are "advanced", we give you additional exercises to do in order to extend many of the workouts, so that the plan is scalable for the advanced fitness levels. (If you are doing the RC and at the beginner fitness level, then you should choose the 12 weeks to a MVT Training Camp plan instead of this one). You will need to be able do some jogging and running in this plan, so make sure you can do this and have good footwear. Similar to all our training plans (because tactical fitness is the same fitness needed to be successful at the RC) we have combined both cardio and strength exercises throughout the week, Hunter and I have created a periodized plan that allows you to increase your fitness without overdoing it. We have planned in rest weeks as well, so that you can adapt and get stronger during the rest weeks. It's important that you do your best to follow the progression of the plan and do the workouts in the order which we have planned them, as that will give you the most improvement for your training time. This plan will contain exercises that you can do with just your body weight and dumbbells, the cardio work will be something you can do around your neighborhood or at the local gym. While you can have a weight training routine in the gym, which can be helpful in many respects, We don't believe that's necessary to do for most tactical situations and therefore is not included in this plan. Functional tactical fitness is the goal. Equipment needed: Bergen (Ruck) (smaller patrol pack progressing to a larger bergen for heavier load carrying), running shoes, Combat boots, sandbags and sand(or you can use kettle bells or even 5 gallon buckets with sand in them), Exercise ball, Dumbbells of varying weight(choose dumbbells that will challenge you doing "traps, lunges, bent over rows, deltoid/shoulder raises") Optional Equipment: Heart Rate Monitor, GPS watch (Garmin) that can measure your pace. Hanging/fishing scale for weighing your bergen. Personal needs: The Rifleman Challenge contains a 2 mile TAB/shuffle run. However, if you can't run, you can still come to the RC, although you might not make the time. This plan is designed to do jogging/running in it and you will be doing some running in this plan. If you can't run, then you can substitute cycling or elliptical for low impact aerobic training. There are alternative exercises listed with guidelines on each as well. Therefore, to be perfectly clear, you can still do this plan if you can't run, but you need to do alternative cardio and by the end of the 12 weeks be jogging and some short runs.

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