14 hours per week Triathlon Base Training - 15 wks - Advanced

The plan is based on my own training as well as a plan that I built for an experienced athlete with goals of qualifying for Clearwater and Kona.

The plan consists of 12 weeks of general preparation then a three week Peak Period that includes a C-Priority Olympic Distance Race (Week 13) and a B-Priority Half Ironman Race (Week 15). You can substitute race sim workouts, or other events, for these scheduled races.

If you are dealing with a severe winter then consider substituting running, or duathlon, events in plance of the scheduled triathlons. Also, if you have access to Nordic skiing then you can substitute it for some of the cycling workouts. As well, I support the use of snowshoeing for general conditioning on the weekend.

I have capped all sessions at not more than 1:45 total duration so the plan is achieveable for the motivated triathlete that is training indoors for most of their Base Preps.

The swimming program is what I use in my own training. It is challenging and you will notice a material improvement in your swim performance by the end of the cycle.

The plan is appropriate for athletes racing all distances with weekly volume ranging from 11 to 16 hours per week.

To get this most out of this program, you should be comfortable with the following key workout distances:

Swim - up to 4,400 yards / 4,000 meters
Bike - up to 30 miles / 50 kilometers
Run - up to 10 miles / 16 kilometers

I hope you enjoy,

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