140.6 IRONMAN TRIATHLON: 12-week Base Phase (2)

This is our 12 week plan to build your IM base of strength and aerobic fitness designed to set you up for your final block of Race Prep training about 12 weeks out from race day. ---BASE PHASE: 12 weeks, designed for the intermediate to advanced triathlete looking to improve their swim-bike-run fitness over the "non-competitive" part of the season (commonly referred to as the "off-season"). The programming includes our highly successful swim strength development progression of pool workouts, our 12-week Stationary Trainer Series set of indoor bike training sessions, and our run fitness development progression. The workouts are designed to improve your complete triathlon ability for iron-distance racing. The 12-week program begins with strength development, then progresses to build aerobic endurance before adding in intervals at and above your lactate threshold. Included is a very detailed desciption of the equipment you'll need, target training zones, intervals and session layout. There are two sessions for each sport programmed for each week, with an additional third session in each sport each week included as "optional" if it fits with your training volume goals. A progressive strength program is also included, twice per week for maximum training gains. ---INCLUDED with your training plan purchase is the ability to email me with questions as you follow my plan: info@epcmultisport.com. Good luck and have fun! ---DETAILS: -Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced (program adjustable in both volume and intensity) -Number of Weeks: 12 -Training Days per Week: 5-7 (written for 7 days, but can be consolidated to as few as 5) -Training Hours per Week: 8-15+ (adjustable depending on your preference of aerobic volume) -Equipment Needed: pool, weights, HRM, power meter is preferred.

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