16 week beginner marathon plan, HR-based, with functional strength workouts

You've signed up to race your first marathon!
Now it's time to get ready with a plan that will help build endurance, speed and strength!

Creator: Maria Simone, No Limits Endurance Coaching
Length: 16 weeks
Ability level: First time marathoner. We strongly advise individuals who are going to race their first marathon to have completed a half-marathon.

Before starting this plan, you should be able to run 60-75 minutes continuously, and be running 3-4x per week, with an average weekly duration of 2-3 hours.

This plan includes a session to set your heart rate zones, including the calculator to determine your specific zones. All sessions will provide zone guidance for where your intensity level should be for each workout.

You will also have 3-4x/week functional strength sessions to improve core strength, which will aid with your endurance and strength - especially in those later miles!

Athletes who purchase this plan may have access to our private Facebook Group. Email maria@nolimitsendurance.com for access. This space offers a place to ask training and racing questions, and get advice from fellow athletes as well as the No Limits Coaches.

If you purchase this plan, you should feel free to contact me with any questions: maria@nolimitsendurance.com

For more information about No Limits Endurance Coaching, please visit our website at www.NoLimitsEndurance.com

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