16 week half marathon plan w/ core/strength training. 2.5-6 hrs/week (Intermediate to Advanced)

This plan is a great match for intermediate to advanced runners who are looking to increase strength and endurance for the half marathon--without spending all of their time training. The plan begins with 2.5 hours of training, and peaks at 6 hours of training. Runners should be able to run 45-60 minutes continuously before starting this plan. --- The schedule takes a periodized approach to developing the training sessions, and primarily uses heart rate to gauge intensity. Some speed sessions are based on pace. Heart rate monitors are used to gauge zones. However, rate of perceived exertion could also be used. ---- Included in the schedule are 3-4x weekly strength or core sessions geared toward running performance. Equipment required for these is minimal: light hand weights (5-15 pounds), a swiss/stability ball, and a resistance band. All of these sessions can be done in the privacy of your own home. Exercise descriptions include links to video tutorials. --- The first week of the plan includes a 5k time trial assessment, which will be used to set heart rate zones and pace estimates (instructions and HR zone calculator included for how to do this). --- Athletes who purchase this plan also have access to discounted one-to-one consultations (20% off current rate at www.nolimitsendurance.com/services) with the coach to discuss questions, race strategy and fueling, and any other issues of concern as they relate to the plan. These one-to-one consultations can be held via phone or skype (or in person if the athlete is local), and last up to 60 minutes. --- Athletes who purchase this plan may have access to our private Facebook Group. Email maria@nolimitsendurance.com for access. This space offers a place to ask training and racing questions, and get advice from fellow athletes as well as the No Limits Coaches. --- The plan also includes an overview for dynamic stretching, and a HR zone calculator. ---- Join us on Facebook and let us know how the training goes and how the race goes! http://www.facebook.com/nolimitsendurance

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