16 week Half Marathon Training Plan - Beginner/1st Timer

Are you ready to step it up to 13.1 miles? You've come to the right place! Whether you run for fun, for fitness, to fit in your skinny jeans or to beat your buddy, this program will help you get to the start and finishline of your first half marathon. Maybe you have already done a half marathon or two and want to kick it up a notch, this program includes the key components necessary to take your training to a new level. How do I know if this program will fit my needs? Read on, here is an overview: Your 16 week training program consists of 3-4 runs, 1-2 cross training sessions, 2 core training sessions and two rest days each week. You have been running consistently for two to three months (3/week) and can comfortably run 30-40 minutes. You'll devote 3 to 5 hrs of training a week. A heart rate monitor is helpful, but not required. A swiss ball is used in the core training sessions.

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