16 week Ironman plan - Novice, mature, low fitness start point - reusable

16 week plan perfect for athletes doing their first Ironman. It's also great for those coming back from a lower level of fitness or mature athletes. This program is designed to be sustainable around work & children etc.Peta prides herself in sustainable training that fits in with the rest of your life. Perfect for any age grouper who wants to complete an ironman comfortably. Double training days are kept to a minimum. Long Rides and runs are weekend focussed. Plan is based on time for run/cycle and approximate time/distance for swimming therefore the plan doesn't reflect the total distance. The plan is characterised by a slow build in training commitment, a 4 week peak period followed by a 2 week taper. Key preparation sessions are highlighted throughout the plan. There is provision in the program for those that prefer a walk/run strategy. Please look under the work outs for help with terminology and exercise descriptions. Email contact@energisecoaching.com.au with any queries. Peta is happy to answer your questions in regards to the plan or terminology or the drills. Required: This plan is intended for athletes who have a goal to finish their first ironman event, mature athletes or those who are starting from a lower level of fitness. They should be able to swim for an hour, run for 1.5 hours, and cycle for 2 hour +. Equipment required; bike trainer HR monitor/watch pull bouy, swim paddles, fins

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