16 Week marathon Training plan for PR!

This is a 16 week training plan, it can be applied for a begginer runner, or a seasoned runner. it's a good mix of strength runs, tempo runs, and speed. follow this plan and enjoy a new PR on race day. it's a steady build of mileage that will peak you around 50 miles in a week and keep you solid in the 40 miles per week range. A more seasoned runner can add a mile or two extra to some of the runs to build this plan into a 55-58 mile a week plan if they are accustom to running that much. With this plan I also suggest 2-3 days per week a basic strength routine at home as you stretch 3 x 1 minute walls sits 3 x 20 push-ups 3 x 25 sit-ups 2 x 1 minute planks Best of luck and happy training

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